Mood Board inspired by Chihuly's collection of trade blankets

A quickie collection inspired by Chihuly’s personal (epic!) collection of American trade blankets that kicks off his fantastic, long-term exhibition in Seattle. If you have a chance to visit the show or one of the traveling exhibits, please treat yourself to a ticket. The glass sculptures are arranged by theme and period, in two-story, blackest black rooms, and the impact is epic. Of course, the color, scale, and technological logistics of his works are what Chihuly is known for, but what stuck with me was the narrative it painted by pairing the artist’s collections of pottery and trade blankets with his iconic glass works to convey both process and realization.

We arrived at Pelindaba Lavender Farm about three weeks before “peak purple”, but instead of mourning missing the intense grape-y glow I’ve seen in oh-so-many Instagram posts, we were able to wander the property virtually alone.

more, more, more to follow!