If you’re on any form of social media (or if, like me, your shoes keep breaking this week!) you know that we’re currently experiencing Mercury in Retrograde. You can learn all about it here, but the highlights are that is an inauspicious time to start anything new, travel, make big purchases, or have important meetings because this planetary phase favors hindsight, treading cautiously, and inward reflection. People often attribute failures in communication, technology malfunction, and general disruption to Mercury in Retrograde, which happens three to four times a year and lasts a few weeks. You don’t have to hide in your apartment, trying desperately not to drop your phone or offend your boss, the best thing to do (as always) is to have a party!

I once heard this phase described as the slingshot being pulled back, so as unnatural as it seems, don’t fight the pull. By treading carefully and reflecting on your past you’ll be setting up your forward trajectory in the desired direction when the next phase starts (August 19th, please hurry). I recommend celebrating with friends by recounting old stories, sharing photos, and toasting your life journeys- just don’t let MiR force you to spill any on your hostess’s vintage Kilim! I was excited to attend a gathering at Dallas’s chicest new shop, Magic Hour, Wednesday to sip, browse, and absorb the good vibes of a panel of local influencers discussing their varied career paths and the best advice they ever received.

Magic Hour is tucked away just off Davis in Winnetka Heights. The artfully unfinished walls and glowy evening light create the perfect setting for the shop’s curated collection of artisan home goods, vintage furniture, and natural beauty products (don’t forget the crystals!). Before there was Magic Hour, Molly Mathias had @mmvintage59, the Instagram shop with 30k avid vintage furniture fans, and that loyal following helped her get the word out about her new shop where she’s able to flex her styling capabilities and chat with customers IRL.
Put on by Lively, our hosts were Ashley @theinspiredi, bubbly and natural at bringing everyone together, Kelsey @sheinthemaking, who had such inspiring, candid takes on social media and life in general, and Molly @magichour_shop the accountant turned shop owner extraordinaire (and now I want all the tiny ceramic spoons).
They mingled, made introductions, and answered questions with infectious sincerity about career, inspiration, and finding authenticity. The theme of the panel: say yes and then figure it out, and never pass up an opportunity that aligns with your strengths and values. Kelsey grinned as she offered her take on finding inspiration: “hustling all the time is not a good look, make sure to make time for yourself.”