BeccaJaneStudio Becca Koehler Ceramics and Interview
You know when you follow someone on Instagram that you are equal parts inspired by and jealous of? For me, that is Becca Jane Koehler of @beccajanestudio. I’m not an aspiring ceramicist, so I’m not sure why I’m jealous, except that her grid of sun-drenched shots of playfully painted Delft Blue and white porcelain makes me long for a strong signature style and medium. The photos of her pieces en masse are my favorite, stacks and stacks of snake entwined mugs, flat-lay collections of plates with rabbit, snake, eye and floral motifs in her signature blue, unexpected red or muted black. I had the privilege of reaching out to Becca with all my amassed questions on her inspiration, staying motivated and finding her way.

Interior must-haves for a Parisian apartment

As I rounded hour-two of my deep dive into apartment research for our upcoming vacation, I realized: this is the fifth Milo Baughman style table I’ve seen on Airbnb Paris! Though the site provides a wide variety of different home sensibilities, prices, and arrondissement, I began playing a game at spotting the common threads.  Sate your wanderlust with these seven must-have Parisian apartment essentials.

From left to right: Built-in Plywood Bed, Gallery Wall and Puddled Drapes, Linen Dream, Attic Library, Beams and Plants, Seriously Stunning Entry, The Aforementioned Table, A Well Crafted Collection, Chic Shelfie

We’re planning a quick stop in Paris on our way to Amsterdam this Fall, and after staying in some amazing Airbnb homes on our trip to the San Juan Islands and Seattle last year, we decided to book an apartment and live like les locals. Even if you’re not thinking about Paris for your next vacation, I highly recommend browsing the apartment rentals for interior design inspiration, (it will certainly lend a little très chic to your next Le Netflix binge).

Last Fall I hit a creative wall that I’ve been attempting to push past (climb?) over the previous eight months. Life with a toddler is no joke, the amount of patience, time and emotional energy it takes me to be present as a mother is humbling, challenging and sometimes overwhelming. My recent reality of traveling, working full time, and moving into and fixing up our new house has made carving out time and mental space to generate creative ideas nearly impossible. Is guilt (and wine) the only way to come to terms with the privilege of being both so blessed and so tired?
Hasn’t it been interesting to watch the once woo-woo philosophy of Wellness become such a cultural touchstone? The self-care lifestyle, meditation, juicing, jade rolling, aromatherapy and so on, proclaims to be the cure for our Hustle culture. Needing a cure myself, Wellness has inspired me to come up with some (belated!) creative resolutions for 2018, and to bring focus to creative maintenance instead of only artistic output.