Coconut Court Mood Board

With the whole city officially back-to-school today and an unprecedented cold front in Dallas this weekend, for the first time all summer I find myself mourning summer.

I’m so inspired by the high contrast combinations in this collection, what is it about black, white and green that feels so fresh right now? Isn’t this geometric planter the best? I stumbled onto this Etsy shop last week and fell in love. The vintage post card is another one from Dallas’s treasure hunt of a store, Lula B’s. Have you been to the Oak Cliff location yet? I’m planning on it! The gilt sea bean necklace is from July’s foray to The Rock Barrell. Don’t you love this Ellsworth Kelly brush stoke collage? The Moma describes it as “Brushstrokes Cut into Forty-Nine Squares and Arranged by Chance.” It’s what we all wish we were making, but in practice, effortless seems so difficult. The striped palm photo is from our latest trip to Napa (more on that later this week), this was shot on the pation of the magical, cafe light strewn, Evangeline in Calistoga.

First came the Coconut Court post card (post dated 1948!) then the split leaf palm called to be across Central Market’s floral department. The rest fell into place leaving me ready for Friday when I’m sure temperatures will be back in the triple digits, and I’ll be longing for breezy, drizzly 75 again.