Etsy Crush Metamorphoza Kaftans and Tunics www.

When I stumbled upon this Bulgarian Etsy shop six months ago, (Etsy search: Kaftan, it’s always gooood) I never knew I would find some of my most crowd-pleasing ensembles ever…

I love a good, drapey kaftan, what piece bridges day to night, cocktail hour to hang-over better than a tunic that falls just right? What I didn’t anticipate when I threw this petrol green number on with a messy, high bun and half hearted lipstick was the most glamorous, effortless mommy at our downtown day-care stopping me to ask- “where did you get that tunic?” Imagine me then awkwardly explaining- “it’s actually Etsy, from Bulgaria, I can’t remember the shop name…” and practically running away, baby in hand. It’s time to open the vault and share my Etsy Crush- Metamorphoza.

From Top Left: Blue Tunic, Cream Draped Delight, Khaki Glamor, Wood and Leather Necklace, Ethereal Layers, and Avant-Garde in Grey

The shop’s styling is a little over the top, if you can get away with the proportion of chunky creepers with an artfully draped maxi dress, I commend you, but for the rest of us, squint your eyes and insert gladiator sandals and an arm full of brass bangles. I ordered four pieces last April, this kaftan is the number one, wear to absolutely any occasion, stop me in the street, winner. My secret, I prefer to wear it backward, the lines are just more dynamic on my body this way, but it’s very lovely as they intend it as well. The second place maxi is here, avant-garde draping, which coincidentally also looks more flattering (on me) backward. This cape/cocoon tunic is a show stopper and will not be mistaken for just another Target treasure, where all other clothes seem to originate. Lastly, I purchased this dress, and it was the only dud, though very well made and well represented in the shop’s photo, it just doesn’t suit me, but due to the international shipping rates, languishes in my closet.

This brings me to the shop’s risk, international shipping. Not only are you paying a premium to get it from Bulgaria to (presumably) the U.S. (and aren’t we all so spoiled by free shipping and returns?), but returns are unfeasible due to the shipping rates, which are higher from the U.S.. The shop couldn’t be more accommodating, but you’re not going to pay $30 to return a $60 dress, or maybe you are, but with the risks of customs holds, or misdirected returns, for me, it wasn’t worth it.

So close your eyes, picture yourself both a fictional art gallery owner and extremely comfortable and then pop over to Metamorphoza. The original shapes and draping, reasonable prices (and they’re having a 25% sale right now!) and excellent quality make Matamorphoza my August (and year round) Etsy Crush.