Tonight, in honor of what would have been Frida Kahlo’s 110th birthday, the Dallas Museum of Art  set the World Record for most “Fridas” in one location. With evening temperatures in the 90’s and humidity at a truly gross level, all we could do was dab gently at our unibrows while taking in the fabulous and varied interpretations of this Mexican Master Painter.

A few weeks ago when my friend Emily suggested going I was hesitant, anything between me and my vacation seemed totally overwhelming; but, as the time got closer, I couldn’t resist the siren’s song of DIY floral crowns and a night out. As we fanned our embroidered skirts, prayed the red wine was chilled (it was!) and chased toddlers around the #Fridafest festivities I was reminded to say “yes” more often, I never regret getting out and about, even when the couch calls!

(It was so humid our camera lenses kept fogging up! Let’s call it “a soft summer glow”)

In order to participate in the record-setting, attendees had to comply strictly to the dress code of a unibrow, pink or red solid shawl, below the knee floral dress and of course, at least three flowers at the crown.

Photos by Kevin and Berry Thomas